Natural Incense Cones Pack (50PCs)

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In ancient time, people liked to use scents to keep their room clean and use it to worship or uplift the spirit. Incense has been known as the King of Scents. Thus, people are still using incense to help them reading, clearing their thoughts, and focusing in modern days.

When and where shall I use it?

1. At home; Light an incense at home will make you feel warm and comfortable.

2. In office; improve work efficiency

3. Hosting an event; Make a pleasant smell of incense, is not only a courtesy for the guests but also reflects the host's elegant taste!

4. Leisure time; Lit up an incense while reading a book, can make you completely relax, thus improve your quality of life.

5. Exercising; Use it when you are doing exercises such as yoga, meditation and so on, You will yield a much better result.