Glowing Chopsticks

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The design was inspired by the lightsabers as seen in Star Wars. These chopsticks are BPA Free and Safe for eating. Of course, you can use these 'glowing' chopsticks for whatever purpose you'd like (we don't judge), these neat little chopsticks are especially useful for eating in the dark, while you're all cozied up watching your favorite movie or TV show. 

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(It will light up your hanging outs and make your dates memorable!)


  • The Fun of Using Chopsticks.Transform your mealtimes from routine to exciting when you lay out this fun, novelty light up chopsticks that look just like lightsabers!
  • Eat in the Dark. -  Use these brightly lit reusable chopsticks while enjoying your favorite movie or TV show in your dark and cozy room.
  • Perfect Addition in Making Meal Time Memorable. - These LED Chopsticks are perfect for anyone wanting to have some fun during mealtime, for Star Wars fans to geek out on, or to simply “light up” and brighten your parties!
  • Extensive Durability. - These chopsticks are made of a thick plastic material which is durable and easy to clean. These chopsticks are much more durable than other chopsticks


  • Product Material: BPA Free and Durable ABS
  • Product Dimension: 26 x 1 x 1cm
  • Powered By: LR41 Camera Batteries (3 Pieces) 


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